Blistered Tomato Toast

Blistered Tomato Toast

I’m not really a tomato person, but there’s something about rainbow heirloom cherry tomatoes that I can’t resist.

This is my favorite quick ‘n’ easy breakfast and snack to make in the summer, when farmers markets are overflowing with fresh tomatoes of all kinds. I love to eat these tomatoes on toasted bread, but they’re also great tossed with a light pasta or in a bean salad.

Above: Blistered tomatoes on toasted baguette with jalapeño hummus, thyme, and toasted flax seeds. 162 calories.

Tomato ToastRed grapes with toasted ciabatta, jalapeño hummus, and roasted cherry tomatoes. 267 calories.

Blistered Tomato Toast

  • fresh cherry tomatoes*
  • spray oil
  • salt and pepper
  • fresh thyme
  • paprika

*I really do recommend fresh tomatoes. I’ve tried this recipe with grocery store tomatoes and their skin is usually too tough and thick to blister well.

Heat up a skillet or saucepan over medium-high heat. Spray with oil, then add your cherry tomatoes. Season well. Let the tomatoes sit until they brown on one side. They’ll start to leak juices, but that’s fine! Roll the tomatoes around in their juice and continue to cook; they’ll begin to caramelize and get a little sticky.

Spread butter, hummus, or soft cheese onto a piece of toast, and plop your tomatoes on top. You can use the back of a fork to smash the tomatoes, if you like.

Tomato ToastWatermelon, nectarine, and a slice of toasted baguette with jalapeño hummus and roasted cherry tomatoes. 242 calories.

Tomato ToastLate breakfast of toasted baguette, jalapeño hummus, and roasted tomato. 232 calories.


2 thoughts on “Blistered Tomato Toast

  1. I faintly recall you mentioning somewhere that you make your own bread – would that include the bread pictured here? Also, I would kill for any recipes, or the book that you get them from.

    By the way, I’m seriously jealous of the carrot hummus you keep mentioning everywhere.


    1. I do make my own, but I also eat a lot of store-bought bread too! The bread here is a ciabatta from Grand Central Bakery. For baking, I highly recommend either Tartine Bread or Flour Water Yeast Salt. They both teach you how to bake classic boules in a dutch oven–no fancy equipment necessary! And Ken Forkish (author of FWYS) goes through each step in detail, with photos, to show you how it’s done.

      The carrot hummus is this one and I really, really wish it had better distribution! I had to look all over the city for it 😦


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